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Calendar 2020

Best of 2019, DIN A3, limited edition, 29 € + 5 € postage                          (You can also choose the photos yourself from my galleries)                  Also ideal as a birthday present, then starting with the birth month. 



Various colours and motifs, short- or long-sleeved, with printed front and back, men`s and women`s shirts, limited edition,  
39 € + 5 € postage
(unique pieces with wish motif from my galleries for extra charge).


Good mood mats

Size 60 cm x 40 cm, different motifs (you can also choose the photos from my galleries), washable up to 30° C , non-slip black rubber base, robust polyester felt,  39 € + 5 € postage.


Fishname learning game (Red Sea I)

Memo game, 25 card pairs with frequently occurring fishes in the Red Sea, ideal to learn fishnames and to train your brain; for children and adults, 29 € + 5 € postage.
To be continued …